Sport and Event Marketing Program at George Brown College

George Brown College has been the backbone for cultivating top talent in the industry over the last two decades. Some of the industry’s top executives from across the sports marketing landscape are graduates of the George Brown College Sport and Event Marketing Program.
"We have hosted a variety of GBC Sport and Event Marketing and have always been impressed that these students have a built-in industry network when they arrive as their classmates are spread throughout the industry. Add to that the fact many have had other work experiences and it makes for a more mature, effective internship for the hosting organization." 

Dan MacKenzie, Vice President & General Manager, NBA Canada


About the Program

This postgraduate program teaches students to leverage sports, entertainment and cause-related marketing to provide innovative marketing solutions. Students gain an understanding of the building blocks of a marketing plan by analyzing markets, competitors and consumers to build solid promotional marketing plans.


  • Formulate integrated marketing plans for arts, entertainment, cause-related marketing and the sports industry using the most innovative promotional methods.
  • Integrate project management, marketing and interpersonal skills to plan, execute and evaluate events that build brands and create profits.
  • Develop and implement effective strategic marketing and promotional plans that fit a company’s overall goals. 

“The Sport and Event Marketing postgraduate diploma program at George Brown College is an absolute must-have for anyone looking to develop their understanding of sports marketing, and gain hands-on experience within the sport and event industry. Without a doubt, this program has been a key driver of pushing me to where I am today in my career, and students should realize the valuable opportunity presented to them through the internships. My advice to students is to use the college resources, as well as their academic and professional peers, in order to build their networks, break into the industry and take-away as much as they can from the entire experience. Whether you are a sports fanatic, passionate marketer, or keen on being an industry leader, this program is for you.” 

Laurel Walzak, Senior Vice President - Sales and Marketing, Fitneff Inc.

"As a manager of students and graduates of the GBC Sport and Event Marketing program for the last decade I have found the students able to manage event programs independently and contribute creative ideas to the team. Their knowledge of the industry and focus on their career speciality provide excellent candidates for a variety of event planning, promotion and marketing roles.”   

Deb Lewis, CEO, CityEvents, Alumni, 97
George Brown College's "5 To Watch" is a ground breaking event that has become a "must-attend" within the Canadian sports marketing industry and sets the standard for identifying the next generation of industry captains.
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